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Default V8 stolen

THE CAR IS NOT MINE! Just helping fellow audi enthusiast...

So the thing is - a latvian was living and working in UK, and had his latvian LHD V8 with him. He flew to latvia at the end of last year and left the car in UK with his friend. He was about to get back to take the car, but the friend told him that cops took the car - went in, asked for a key and the car is gone. He has been in contact with the police and they don't have the car...

And so - the car was in Wolverhampton, nine elms line 9

1991. V8, 3.6 PT engine, LHD, mileage 228712 kilometers
Registered in latvia, licence plates EE-1928

If anyone has seen this car or knows whereabouts of it, please make it known so that I can relay this to the owner.
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Im localish in Dudley, if i see a v8 Quattro lhd running around ill let you know, hate car thieves, hate all thieves.
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Used to live in Wolves and still not far away from it now. If I saw a V8 it would certainly pop up on my radar.
Could it have been towed away by the local council?
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i'd have to agree with coxy on this one.
towed away, probably council. possibly but less likely dvla/police.
the other contender would be scratters who've weighed it in.
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Pass on my condolences to your freind as i know how he must be feeling..

If I see anythng in my travels I will let you know, at the end of the day a V8 isnt the most common car to see on the road these days
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My guess is that there has been an interpretation issue here,

"parked on the public road without valid tax/insurance/whatever" would be the stock answer, if you can find which official body removed it.

One of our early bay customers is the beat bobby down Whitmore Ruins, i'll see if he has any idea/s.
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Sorry to hear that.
It is a beautiful car!

The first thing i'd check is the DVLA.
Any car siezed without the owner's knowledge have to follow strict procedures.
Even if it is siezed by the local council, they can only remove it with the DVLA's authority, whereby there is a central record of events.
IF it has been taken by the police, council or other "official body", then the DVLA HAVE to have a record.
Unfortunately, the owner only has a short time to act on it before it is legally crushed, and lost. So please hurry!
Whomever was "looking after" the car while your mate was away needs his kneecaps removed with a hammer and chisel!
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Very unlikely to be the police unless it was causing an immediate danger or obstruction (also criminal investigation, but the way in which it was taken mitigate strongly against that). The council are much more likely - it may have been reported as an abandoned vehicle. They would liaise with the DVLA in an attempt to locate the owner. If, of course, the car was on non-UK plates, the DVLA would not have any records. The DVLA can now seize vehicles believed to be uninsured - they liaise with the Motor Insurers database, but write at least once to the registered keeper. My guess would be that a foreign vehicle might be put in the "too difficult" tray as it could have valid insurance. The Police would seize it if it was being driven uninsured

If the vehicle has a "significant value" it will be retained whist enquiries are made, otherwise it may be crushed. We see a classic Audi, they may just see a twenty year old car... Horrible thought.

Unless things have changed in the last few years, the Council would normally leave a notice attached to the car windscreen saying something along the lines of "move it or we take it". Might we worth asking your friend's friend if he saw such a notice, maybe thinking it was a parking ticket or something?
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