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Default 1984 Coupe GT won't go into gear

Hi folks

My 87 year old mother has had her 84 Coupe 2.0 GT from new. It's done about 87k miles but is rarely used these days. She lives in SW France and I intend to bring it back to enjoy once I have cleared the garage out!

She has to take it to a garage to confirm the low mileage for her insurance and went to start it today and with the engine running it won't go into gear. It's ok when the engine isn't running.

The last time something happened with the injection system a Renault dealer(!) took the car away and dumped it in their yard because they didn't know what to do with a kjetronic fuel system so if I can get some idea of what the problem is I can advise from here which garage locally she can contact.

Would this be a release baring issue or is there anything they could do to release whatever has got stuck?

I last drove it in October. It was fine and I don't think it's been moved since then.
Many thanks
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