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Default Fuel Filters

Hi there,

My fuel pump packed up on my 2.2 coupe gt, and i noticed it had no pre fuel filter, but it had one afterwards.

Is this normal? Did any coupes come with a prefilter?

I was thinking of putting one in anyway just to prolong the fuel pump life. (It's an inline electronic fuel pump type). Has anyone put a pre filter in and did they have one before and after the pump?

Thanks in advance
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Colin Aitchison
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I have a B2 1987 2.2 coupe Gt and a Ur quattro, the coupe Gt dose not have a pre fuel filter/ strainer between the tank and fuel pump it only has the standard canister type fuel filter after the fuel pump, photo below of Ur quattro set up before restoration in 2011-2013

Your fuel pump will be on the off side and you may have problems with the location of the pre filter/strainer due to the pan hard bar, there is also something in the back of my mind about the union sizes on the fuel tank outlet, fuel filter/strainer and fuel pump, the union sizes are not all the same 10mm, 12mm, 15mm sorry can't remember but this is something to watch out for, and one last thing when removing the fuel pipes from the fuel tank below the car be very gentle they tend to snap off the bottom of the fuel tank.
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Thanks for your response Colin!

Yeah I had a look this morning and took off the support bracket holding the pump filter and acummulator (was horrible and rusty so I'm going to shot blast and paint it up)
I ordered a new Bosch fuel pump in the week so I've fitted that on and I'll put on a new filter afterwards. The unions were 15mm on mine, but you're right about the space there's not much room to put a pre filter so I think I may leave it.

Yes the hard fuel lines are very fragile! My return like started leaking a few weeks ago when I was putting in new brake lines. Luckily I've been able to make a new one out of kunifer and splice it in using compression fittings
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