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Default 85 B2 Coupe 2.0 Running Issues

Our B2 Coupe has some sort of issue with a component on the engine somewhere, I'm not sure where to look. I'm not very familiar with these Audi 5 pots as I'm more used to Triumph Herald and Vitesse motors, or modern V8 Jags. So I'll give you a quick bit of background on the car itself in case you're not familiar with my post in Readers Restos.

The car was owned by a little old lady from new, she was 90 odd when we bought it. The car was used less and less as she aged and in the last few years covered less than 200 miles a year. However it was regularly taken to a garage where services were allegedly carried out, the paperwork says they were but I suspect they just took her money given what I'm finding. In January this year I gave the car a little service including engine flush, new oil, filters, dizzy cap, leads and plugs. During this process the car was running like a bag of spanners and if you look at post #104 in this thread you can see what I found in the breathing system:

So I thought we had a head gasket fault. However I started the car yesterday for the first time to move it and it ran perfectly. All 5 cylinders, full power, that unique Audi 5 pot howl was all there. So I'm thinking it could be a sensor or something at fault. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas of where I should begin to look? Or what I should look at? I'd like to get this car back on the roads ASAP so my Dad can enjoy driving it instead of looking at a shape of a coupe under a cover

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