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Default 1983 1.9 Coupe GT Carb - Acceleration Issues

Hi, wondering if anyone has experienced a similar problem as below and possibly found a cure.
I am trying to solve a issue with the acceleration on a 1983 1.9 Coupe GT with a carburetor. The other week whilst out in the car it started to occasionally hesitate at around 3000rpm and would not rev any more, so turned around and went back home. Switched the engine off and restarted it 30 mins later and it started ok but a week later when I went to start it, it would just turn over. I had a friend come and have a look and the carb seemed dry so took the fuel pipe off to check fuel was pumping and it was pumping fuel to the carb. We then took the carb completely off the car and broke it down to give it a good clean, carb went back on the car today and it starts better than it ever has. The issue now is that there is a couple of seconds hesitation before the car will rev.
Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you removed jets, are you sure they went back into the right places? Vacuum pipes and such, are they ok?

Is it a Pierburg carb?

Maybe it just needs set up now it's cleaned out?
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I rebuilt one of these Pierburgs on my 82 80 1.9 WN lump back in the early nineties. Did you reset the float? It's critical on these,
incorrectly set can cause running problems and fuel starvation from memory also worth checking the float is not pin holed.
I'd at least measure the float and then readjust to the correct setting if not already done.
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Default Carb Problem Update

It is a Pierburg zenith 2b5 carb.
Tried to start it this morning when the car was cold and it just turned over, not starting. So dripped a few drops into the carb and it started but still with the hesitation on acceleration.
I'm thinking that there way an issue with the automatic choke with it not starting when cold.

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