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Default Audi 100 2.8e quattro
Seller Type : Private
Vehicle Make : Audi
Vehicle Model : 100 quattro
Price : 500
Location : Dorset
Additional Details : V5C (Logbook) ,Taxed ,MOT'd

The dog car. It looks like a bit of a dog. Rough, in other words.

It's my daily runner, and was bought in 2012 as a stop gap while the idiotkamal was procrastinating (see other posts regarding folk genetically predispositioned to being twats).

It's had minimal maintenance input, having needed generally little. I did consider a bit of a body and paint tidy up, as I enjoyed driving it so much.
2 used front wings and a set of wagon wheels as spares. The wings need mods to take side repeaters, I believe.
Westphalia towbar, with detachable ball.

If you remove the car from the tow bar, the towbar should increase in value!

I may only be intermittently contactable for the next couple of months. Interest by PM if you would.
enjoying Fish amok and a draught Angkor
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Pm you 👍👍👍👍
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