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When I get a spare minute or two, Iíll dig out the relevant pages from the Audi V8 maintenance manual.
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Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
When I get a spare minute or two, Iíll dig out the relevant pages from the Audi V8 maintenance manual.
Got it covered Hanuman
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Hi.. FYI I bought a windscreen for my car today from a company in Galway. Its a clear glass screen with a green top tint. The glass in my car is all clear so at least it will go with the rest of the glass. The one i took out is a green screen with a green top tint so it looked wrong. Anyways, this guy reckons it was the last one in stock and i paid Ä170 for it. Supply only. It was a little cheaper because it was in stock so long there is a slight bit of delaminating starting on the bottom.. I think the green/green ones are available though. Since Pilkington stopped supplying Irish windscreen suppliers prices for rarer windscreens have gone a bit crazy
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