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Default Porsche 986 rear calipers with brackets, bolts and discs

Part No. 996.352.421 & 422

So after much debate (with myself ) these are now up for sale. They come with all the bolts, Proper caliper mounting brackets (Creation motorsport, Not self made ones), brand new Pagid pads and a pair of new mk1 Focus discs (324mm x 28mm) if you want them? Condition of calipers is used and not refurbed, all pistons moved freely and the brake fluid that came out of them were clear. Colour are red with a black/anthracite face where the Porsche logo is. Because I'm a pleb and only use my phone I can't upload pics so its best to message me and i'll wattsap pics across. I'm after 350 for the lot which will go toward my standards being refurbished


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