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Default Lambda sensor A6 C4 2.8Q 12v

Hi folks,

Random question. I am looking at lambda sensors for my A6. Ebay is being a bit weird with the database part compatibility listings and is saying the one I bought (Bosch part number 0258986502 LS02) will fit the 2.8 12v but not the 2.8Q 12v, only noticed this after I purchased, typically of course. Surely there will be one for the AAH engine regardless of running gear?? Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help.

95 A6Q 2.8 12v
06 A4Q SLine 3.0 TDI

88 90 2.0 (Pastures new)
96 UrS6 (Pastures new)
89 90Q 20v (Dead)
89 Coupe 2.2 (Pastures new)
99 A4 2.5 TDI (Pastures new)
95 80 TDI (Pastures new)
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Read between the lines a bit. The compatibility lists are incomplete. I bought mine from a german eBay site, btw. Look through 7zap at the parts listings, and you'll probably find compatible part numbers from other manufacturers- ie Beru, not just Bosch.
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