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Default Broadband/mobile "deals".

I dunno, all I really need is a couple of gigs a month for my internerd activities, I dont stream much, dont do a great deal on it but its good to have to look stuff up or just find something entertaining.

Ever since I ditched Virgin medias exhorbitant broadband "deal" whereby they put the bill up and told me it was great value (yeah right Mr Delusional) ive been using the mobile tethered to the laptop.
Its worked fine for me but the data costs are just as silly.

You see, all I really want from broadband internet is pay as I go and roll over any unused data to the next month without being forced to add extra data or lose what Ive paid for. Is that too much to ask?
Seems so, as every single company has some clause to keep you hamstrung in one way or another.
Dont they realise that theyre missing a trick?
Offering up a payg deal that rolls over unused data ( a bit like sky) but without the requirement to top it up to the cost of a tenner each and every month would have the punters kicking their doors down.

But I guess theyre too dim or just too greedy to change.
Theyre all pretty much useless.
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