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Default Wikipedia WTF

I quote
"...The 1985 Quattro also featured a new three spoke steering wheel design, leather trim for door arm rests, gloveboxes, centre console and door pockets. There was also a full length leather-wrapped centre console running all the way to the rear seats. The 1985 Quattro introduced 'quattro' script on the interior with partial leather seats. The floor on the driver's side had a bulge due to dual catalytic exhaust setup..."

Anyone got access to correct this nonsense?

I visited to find out how many MB's were made-anyone know? I seem to recall 2,000 but am happy to be corrected.
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This is definitely referring to the 1990 RR 20v and not the WR or MB
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I thought the point of Wikipedia is that anyone can edit it? It used to be the case, anyway - I've edited things before.
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I think you can submit corrections, which then get peer checked (couple a quid in a envelope, mate...). Otherwise, you’d have all the internet trolls adjusting the library and changing history...
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I changed this at the weekend, but today it reads as it did.

So I've changed it again out of curiosity - it should be free for anyone to edit.
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