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Colin Aitchison
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Seen this on ebay a few weeks ago and thought it was a very nice example of an old car, yes a bit to shiny red for this age of car, if you can't get hot about this age of car it may just be before your time, but looking at the engine bay I can seen a layout that is remarkably similar to the five cylinder engines of the 80's-90's, yes I do love the looks of the car, yes it dose not float my boat, yes this is the Classic Audi forum and that is a classic Audi also in red.
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I like this quite a bit very very rare imagine how many looks you would get driving that around on a Friday and Saturday night lol!!!
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Not my thing either but I appreciate what it is, and its a beauty of a classic Audi. I love to see something this old in spotless condition.
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Don't see one for ages then two come along!
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