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Default Wires to engine bay

Evening all,

Odd question but can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to get two wires from the centre console to the engine bay on the B2 Audi 80?

I'm about to fit some VDOs in the coming weeks and need to get two wires from the console to the engine for the senders, but I don't want to be cutting or drilling or making any additional holes in the bulkhead.

Any help much appreciated.
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I don't have experience with your model but I've fitted loads of new stereos and amps to my cars over the years. These have always required a new live feed direct from the battery in the engine bay.

The best solution will be to follow an existing cable route through the bulkhead. There should be at least one visible from inside the engine bay, somewhere near the driver's side. Often near the steering rack.

You'll need to remove the trim from below the dash on the driver side.

Hope that's not too obvious
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There should be either unused grommets, or unused "forks" in some bigger plugs; for example on LHD B3 those two wires are entering engine compartment through engine harness plug, which has separate, small opening, which is closed if unused and must be cut open if it has to be used.
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