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Default Fixing Airconditioning on 1980s Audis

Has anyone managed to get a 1980s Audi's Aircon refilled with gas?

Does it need an 'R12 successor' gas (rather than modern R134 gas) as detailed here?:

Does anyone know where the refill ports are in a 1980s 5 cyl Quattro turbo (petrol) engine bay?
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I "think" you have to use the R134 and have all the seals changed as it will destroy the old ones

Where inn the country are you ? i know a good chap who might be able to help in west sussex
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Thanks, bit far though. The car's in Berkshire

Has no one else had their 1980s Audi aircon re-gassed?
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The service ports are in front of the main radiator and air con condenser. The small connector on the smaller diameter pipe is the high pressure, the larger one on the wider pipe the low pressure side - this low pressure side is where you should refill from. Ideally you will need to change the drier / filter along with all system nitrile seals for R134a ones, and the system needs vacuuming to remove all traces of moisture. Then a refill with PAG oil and the right weight of gas. Sometimes the compressor housing seals aren't compatible, and the whole compressor needs swapping for an R134a compatible one. I'd link a pic but photobucket had disabled my account.
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Great advice -thanks.

Here are a couple of other places that will recharge an RS12 system with RS24: 125 + additional Call-Out Fee of 25.00 for mobile service (within NN Postcodes)
no receiver/dryer -it has an accumulator (around 50-60 but might have to order it from Audi dealer), but as a rule of thumb they only replace it if the system has been opened (e.g. a broken pipe) or a burnt out compressor. Normally just dehumidfying the dryer is adequate.
106 for the service (takes a couple of hours). However, their mobile service doesn't extend outside Swindon in the summer as they have enough work on as it is.
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What's the model in question?

Back in the day Audi released official R12 to R134a conversion manual and conversion parts kit. Essentially it was for late R12 cars - different restrictor, different low pressure sender and adaptor for it, and adaptor for filling up - of course, change of o-rings and dryer was needed, system had to be flushed, and also compressor had to be compatible - zexel and denso compressors made after some date only.

In today's reality almost any old compressor is likely to leak, the same applies to o-rings and therefore, as the option "just regassing" is likely out of the question, conversion is quite viable, especially if the owner has technical knowledge. Reminds me about one latvian guy, who in his garage experimented with C3 AC - at first, he put together and got working with R134a old type AC, with Harrison compressor - seals are available in ebay, so he made pulley pulling tool and changed the seals - new o-rings and off he went. Later he refurbished in a similar way Denso compressor.
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