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Default 80 B4 2.6 1994 Auto to Manual

Hi All.

Recently purchased B4 V6 Auto and now has an issue with the autobox as It was water contaminated as oil cooler failed. Flushed it and it was ok for a short time but is now scrap according to Auto Specialist. Purchased an Autobox online (only one advertised) after confirming with seller that everything was ok with gearbox,and it turns out diff oil has contaminated ATF!! 😡😡 so also scrap.

Considering a conversion to a Manual gearbox. I can possibly obtain a V6 coupe as a breaker so everything would be available. Coupe is a 1995, as opposed to my 1994 80, so the question is will converting all go smoothly (if anything ever does on old cars)? Read somewhere cranks may be different? Also I think I would need the engine ECU from the manual, and as such, will the ECU be a straight swap with no immobiliser, wiring or programming issues?

The couple of questions I have asked are probably just the tip of the iceberg but reading a lot of this forum, there is a lot of knowledge so fingers crossed someone has all the answers.

If it's a straight swap with no issues, then the Mrs shall have to have another old Audi in the drive in bits 😜


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