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Post C3 (typ44) 100 Avant Quattro Turbo
Seller Type : Private
Vehicle Make : Audi
Vehicle Model : C3 (typ44) 100 Avant Quattro Turbo
Price : £950
Location : nr Shaftesbury, Dorset
Additional Details : V5C (Logbook) ,Taxed ,MOT'd

It is with a heavy heart that I’m putting my trusty old Audi 100 Avant Quattro Turbo up for sale. She’s been my trusty daily driver for many years now but, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to give her the attention she needs, so rather than running this lovely car into the ground I’ve decided to pass her on to another lunatic ... I mean ‘enthusiast’

The car is the 2.2 5-cylinder turbo; quattro 4wd with torsen diffs – it’s a comfortable cruiser but is also great fun as a turbo-barge if you want to play through the twisty stuff, and surprises alot of people for an old estate car
The car runs and drives and has an MOT until the end of October, so you can drive it away. Reliability-wise she’s only let me down when the fuel pump failed earlier this year (not bad for 26+ years) and I replaced that with a new unit which has been working fine ever since.

The car is looking a little tired these days; the Tornado Red paint has faded rather to more of a breezy pink, there are various scratches (see pictures) and a poor paintwork repair prior to my ownership has left little primer blisters around the filler flap (see picture). In all honesty she could really do with a respray to spruce her up. The pictures show the car as-is (hence my toolbox in the footwell etc.) to give an honest impression of its condition.

Mechanically she’s a solid runner, but there are a few issues: The MC2 engine (5-cylinder 2.2 turbocharged) has the ‘standard’ cold-start issue, requiring you to crank it over for 5-10 seconds when cold; once it’s running and the idle has settled it runs fine though. It has also recently developed an issue when under load and on boost (eg. Hard acceleration uphill) that feels like the wastegate kicking in or a misfire; not a huge problem with everyday driving but not ideal, and could possibly be sorted with new plugs, leads and a dizzy cap & rotor (?)

Suspension-wise there are a few gremlins too; there’s a noticeable ‘clunk’ from the back end when driving over a pothole etc. A few months back I replaced the rear shocks and strut-top mounts but this did not sort the problem. The back end doesn’t feel ‘loose’ at all and it may even be something as simple as the towbar mounting, but have not had time to investigate fully. There also seems to be an issue with the front wheel alignment as the inside shoulders of the tyres are showing increased wear; I suspect this is either tracking or worn bushes.

On the plus side the interior is in good condition, and the headlining has been fully redone, so no sagging or a curtain hanging from the back of the sunroof! The sunroof panel itself does could use recovering at some point in the future though. The car has also had lots of parts replaced during my ownership; shock absorbers, etc, - 3 of the 4 brake calipers have been overhauled – far too many bits & pieces to remember to be honest!

Also included are the various spares etc., that I’ve collected, including (amongst other things) a set of Custom Auto Craft red rear ‘V8’ style lights (see here:, a set of 15” Aero alloys with winter tyres (wheels & tyres are worn but useable).

Basically what you have here is a solid rolling resto project. It’s a wonderful car with alot of character and I would honestly love to keep it, I just sadly don’t have the time to give her the attention she needs. I’m not asking silly money (there’s one on ebay at the moment for £3500 ...) but I think £950 is a reasonable price. If you’d like more information on the car or would like to come and have a look please feel free to contact me and I’ll help however I can.

Please get in touch if you’re interested as I need to find this venerable old warhorse a new home!

Thanks for reading – Tom
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Plenty pics and info to entice a prospective buyer....and a nice price too
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Got potential.
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This won't hang around long. Very fair price, and huge potential in the right hands (ie not me )

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is the car still for sale
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Does anyone know if this sold or a contact number for Tom please?
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