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Default *Rule for the For Sale section*

PLEASE NOTE - You must be either an approved and paid up trader or a Classic Audi member to be able to post in the Classifieds sales sections on Classic Audi. Please don't abuse your privileges!

TRADERS - There are a few people who come on here posting for sale threads on a semi regular basis.
I have no problem with this as long as you abide by some rules.
If you want to use Classic-Audi to help run your business (and yes, if you have Classic Audi parts for sale, then advertising here is getting straight to your target audience!), then you'll need to give a little back first. Think of it as paying your Landlord rent to avoid eviction!

Do not get offended if you find your thread is moved if you are regularly posting without putting something in to the pot. We will offer good rates as we want people to be able to keep their cars on the road!

Traders rates -
20 for 1 month
60 for 6 months
100 for 1 year

This will allow you to advertise as many times as you wish in the Classifieds sections.
It will also increase your private message box from 50 to 500
link to the payment screens can be found ------> click here


For payment details, click -----> here

1) Please don't slate other people's for sale adverts. If you believe that someone is charging too much then PM them and let them know. Don't post bad remarks that may put off potential buyers just because it's not how 'you' would class it. A little bit of courtesy please. If you're not interested in an item then leave it for someone who is. If all you have to say is negative then we'd appreciate it if you just didn't

2) Please give a guide price. There are plenty of auction sites out there! If you wish to sell you car or a part, please could you state clearly a price which you have in mind.

3) Traders may only post by prior consent

4) Please only put ebay links up if you have a buy it now price on your item

Posts may be removed at the Moderators and Owners discretion and an explanation PM should be passed on.

many thanks

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