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same troubles as im having by the sounds of it.... i disconected the 2 hoses where they enter the matrix and started the engine ... no water flowing from the engine to the matrix.... try it on yours to see if you have water flowing...

get 'er done...
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let the engine warm upto operating temp,put the temp gauge to fully hot

GENTLY LOOSEN THE EXPANSION TANK CAP... untilyou have fully removed it, any air pockets willget pushed around the system untilit bubblesup into the expansion tank, have water or coolant to hand to top up the expansion tank as necessary.

Dont let thelevel in the expansion tank get too low other wiseyou'lljust suck back in more air pockets.

try this and see if it makes an improvement.
I did with the 90 quattro( 2.2 5pot) and got a bit of an improvement, next step is to check the thermo switch because I also have my engine fan on regardless to temp. and thermostat.
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I did the expansion tank trick today and the short burst of hot air is even hotter than before but still only seconds worth, so no air in it now as far as i know, i then took apart the heater controls and all the cables are working fine there i am going to disconnect the hoses to the bulk head tommorow and stick the hose pipe down them as we used to on the mini's and hope it may clear any blockages that are stopping the water getting to the matrix, i will keep you updated... let me know if you have any other ideas thanks guys.
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