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Default Oil leak stopper


Not an Audi issue I'm afraid.

My old uncle's BMW E46, with a 2.5 straight six engine, has developed a small engine oil leak somewhere to its rear (half a litre every 3 months or so). I can't get a good view to the back of the bloody thing or from under either.

I've replaced the cam cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket, so doubt can be them again. Appears to be coming from where the engine meets the gearbox when observed from below? I suspect it will be an expensive fix. Any ideas?

I was thinking of using one of those Stop Leak products. Anyone have experience of these or can recommend/warn me off such a thing?
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probably rear crank seal.

Is it definitely engine oil as it could also be the gearbox input shaft seal.

If it's a keeper, remove the box or engine and replace the seal. If not and it's not dripping on the floor, I'd probably be inclined to leave it until other jobs are needed and you can do them all together.

I've never used any of these anti-leak products.
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I don't like the idea of the stop leak stuff, how does it react with hydraulic lifters and other parts of the engine.

Strike me as snake oil personally.
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"Seal softeners" from what i have been led to believe, supposed to plump up flattened or dried up rubber or some such.

Will confess to trying a Wynns treatment in my old 90, had a limited effect all told. The only real fix is to replace whats leaking.
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