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Originally Posted by vorsprung durch technik View Post
So do as i did, save yourself a load of heartache and pay someone to do the job with the correct as i said professional tool. I can't remember how much i paid bit it wasn't anymore than 150 plus the cost of bushes ten or so years ago. I think it's about a 2 hour job for someone with a lift and the correct tool. Your local garage might only charge you 50 an hour? If so you'll be laughing. It really is the cheapest way to do this in money terms and time and non use of the swear box!!
To put this in perspective - I few months ago did an upgrade of my mk2 golf - installed rear axle with disc brakes and ARB - so I refurbished all the stuff - took donor axle apart, sandblasted and painted everything, bought and installed a lot of new stuff - brake discs, brake pads, caliper repair kits, half a dozen brake lines [the ones that goes to front had to be changed not only because of rust, but also because new axle contains brake force adjuster, unlike previous one], two brake hoses, handbrake cables, three bearings, bushes - and I regret that I didn't bought another two hoses, and that I happened to get cheap pads, but I might correct that in future, as I used bad paint on calipers and they are brown now, and I'll soon get myself some powder coating equipment, so I might correct all those mistakes - in the end it was slightly above 200 euros, to have refurbished disc brakes on a green axle, slightly more amount of money than the figure you mention solely for bush changing...

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Few weeks since I did this job but managed it all OK in the end

Managed to fashion up a puller of sorts using the old mounting bolt and suitable spacers, lots of tightening, hammering and heating got the old bushes out. Stuck the new ones in the freezer to help and with plenty lube they squeezed back in.

All in all not a great job but satisfying to know its done

Thanks for the pointers!
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Well done
Always nice to have a big job behind you!
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