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Default Reality Check

Now before we Wife's already mentioned that I can't save all of them!

I was given a 1990 Coupe 2.3E (NG engine) in Alpine white, grey interior, mileage north of 200K

My intention was to turn it around fairly quickly and save it from the scrappie. There's history with the car going back to 1997 but it's had very little maintenance since 2013 from what I can see.

Plus points: Its original, nice 15" aero's, standard Coupe spec otherwise, engine's very quiet, smooth, good oil pressure, exhaust is fairly new, the majority of the panels are very straight and clean, under the arches is shiney and white when cleaned also. Due to it being a Cornish car for most of it's life its very clean underneath, much more so than my 90 when I inherited that. It's a handsome beast.

It needs shocks, top mounts, track rod ends, 2 tyres, rear discs/pads, a cambelt and a full service (and I mean a full service, every filter, most of the fluids, brake fluid change etc etc). I can do all of that for £450 all in.


1. It needs all of the exterior side trims (the painted ones) redone.
2. It needs the front bumper and wing mirrors painted
3. The wheels need a coat of paint (but are corrosion free
4. It need a roof lining and the door cards sorted (both are already off, the roof lining looks a lot easier than my 90 to do)

but the biggie is that the windscreen needs to come out to tackle surface corrosion all along the top of the aperture (which if left for any longer won't be just surface) and the roof will need painted after that, the windscreen itself is milky at the bottom so I think there's water penetration there. Thats £400-£500 in itself.

Cosmetics, to turn it into something desirable will work out circa £1k.

Being realistic (harshly so please) what would it be worth if done to this level?

I can't justify a financial hit to SWMBO after spending best part of £4K on my 90.

Only other obvious alternative at the moment is the scrappy (after pulling off anything useful or nice for my 90).

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

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