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Default Audi collection fire sale. V8 projects
Seller Type : Private
Vehicle Make : Audi
Vehicle Model : V8
Price : 1000
Location : Dorset
Additional Details : V5C (Logbook)

Hi Folks.
This is a bit of a speculative post, as I've no real idea of their value. I'm using this opportunity to list them all within classic Audi. I won't be engaging in a bidding war on eBay. With other pressing commitments, it's unlikely that I'll have time to complete these, or to maintain them, so the best thing is to cut losses, and move them on.

Under no circumstances shall I be parting out the cars. They are all capable (or were) of moving under their own steam. I may have time to get this confirmed. But all are SORN, non MOTd, and haven't moved in a while.
There are some spares...

1990 Audi V8. Silver
The first one that I owned, Coxy's old beast. The 'bodywork effort' carried out by Kamal, as expected, has deteriorated. He managed to introduce some rot around the front windshield, which could be resolved.
Non-runner, due air con pump clutch failure. I have a new aircon pump. If time permits, and I find the tool, then I shall sort.

Pictures of when it looked great in one of my threads.

1991 Audi V8. Black
Originally bought in 2011 as a donor for the Silver V8 to get some final pieces, but it was too good to break. I was through getting it mechanically sorted when job changes had me relocate, and time was lacking to complete it.

Running wise, it was very rich. The ignition system was trashed despite a major service including new ignition parts. Mostly resolved, I still needed to fit a new lambda and get it running right.

1993 Audi V8. Logo blue
Originally bought as a second project while the IdiotKamal was procrastinating about how to fix his cockups. It was a bit tatty outside, in great nick inside, and was a viable option. Ran great.
Sadly, while in the hands of a so-called quattro type guru who is unable to follow simple instructions, some possible engine/cooling damage was down. However, I've not be able to diagnose it further, although it did run ok to put it in storage.

Needs Cats. Somewhat dismantled internally to attend to the windscreen aperture.
This is now the least likely to be viable.

Project- Toxic toad in my threads.

I amassed several spares which will likely be sold on either with the entire fleet as a job lot, or separately once the cars are sold.

Autotransmission, from a 1992 4.2 V8
Rear suspension components for a ARB conversion
3.6L 'PT' code engine. On a pallet, covered, but currently considered as ballast.

Due to the nature of this, I'd appreciate dialogue to be kept relevant to the sale. As mentioned, I'm only selling through classic Audi, as I have little time nor inclination to discuss it outside of the forum.

Expressions of interest via PM, if you would. The only caveat being that I may be intermittently contactable for the next couple of months, so bear with me.
enjoying Fish amok and a draught Angkor
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