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The engine meister!
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Default So im finally free.....

....and can say something.

Some of you may have realised from some of the few posts Ive made over the past 7 or so months that Id found what appeared to be a dream job working in a high class establishment repairing classic cars.

It all looked so very nice and at first it was, but it started to sour fairly quickly due to the attitude of one single brown noser who is so insecure, arrogant, egotistical and greedy that its made things impossible for me to carry on there.

This was in bridgnorth in december last year, I was employed as an engine builder.
The company repairs and restores all manner of jaguars and since I was brought up on them as a kid working on them with my dad I reckoned itd be just the ticket.
Almost from the start I could sense that I wasnt really wanted in the engine building room and in total, since december 2017 ive spent a total of around 3 hours if that in there.
The incumbent engine builder is a complete dickhead and goes by the name of andrew turvey, basically 10 pounds of shit in a 2 pound bag.

At first I was as anyone would be, cautious and willing to do what was asked of me to fit in and do things right, its proved to be a sound policy as ive had no issues with anyone else on the shop floor, I have total respect for the rest of the guys there, Big ups to Phil, Luke and Alan, John Andy, Dan, Wayne and Malcolm to name a few....

Sometime in mid january I was given a pair of partially stripped v12 heads to remove valves from, the rest of the parts had previously been removed by another tech and ordered in boxes in case they were to be reused.
I spent the best part of 4 hours bagging and tagging each set of valves, springs, collets etc and labelling them up, before I went and cleaned and bead blasted the heads prior to refinishing, Ill say this, I only stripped the heads where I did as King Dong refused to allow me into the engine room as I had been instructed to by the workshop manager.
More on this later....

My problems started seriously in january after an engine that had been built by the superior turvey started knocking shortly after startup.
The main man was summoned, irritated I could see, as though someone was questioning his prowess ( I never said a word, honest!) and he spent some hours reshimming the head with little success.

After 150 miles it was starting to get really serious so there was no way it was going back to the customer, especially as the bill for turveys so called professional quality build was in the region of £25,000.

Some weeks later I unfortunately pulled the short straw and was tasked with rectifying supermans cock up.
Pulling the cam covers it was found that some of the intake tappets were double the clearance they should have been, others were on spec.
The bucket tappets were either slack in their bores or too tight and sticking, subsequently found to be caused by metallic particles gumming up the works.
The cams were shot, journals worn and picking up, my guess here is our hero didnt properly measure the oil clearances for the journals, despite his insistence on being way better than anyone else...evaaar!
I must stress that even at this point Id not made any solid judgements on the guys abilities in fact I still had an open mind on it.
That soon evaporated when king dick stated he was more concerned with why a bucket was in his view "loose" ( it wasn't he was diverting attention from his incompetence as others stated he tended to do that when he was under scrutiny) rather than the copius quantities of metal in the customers oil.
It evaporated further when he essentially pointed the finger of blame at myself because "id put the oil in the engine, over there"....I had indeed 8 weeks prior, but I still dont see the connection between a correctly filled motor and one thats tearing itself to bits cos its been badly built.
At that point I was fairly peeved and next day complained to the workshop manager, in fact Id said to them I didnt appreciate being scapegoated by Mr Incredible and was prepared to leave.
After a meeting with management I decided not to leave the place as they assured me Id be building engines soon... right.
I was basically shunted out to the workshop to do servicing work where I stayed up until around 6 weeks ago when I volunteered to to a chassis resto on an S type that needed doing and because they were short handed in the panel shop, arent I nice?

A short few weeks prior I was actually given an engine to build! Hooray!
It had previously been dynoed and appeared to be ok but on partial stripdown it had lots of issues, such as incorrect crank badly ground, dirt in bearings, poor ring prep etc so I was tasked with doing a report and total strip in prep for rebuild.
I wrote a report and handed it in, made a parts and ops list and handed that in also.

Sometime after that Id done a personal report at home including photos and a summary type report for the owners.
During my work on the S type which followed the engine strip, I found out my engine build was given to the big man turvey as it "had to be done right"....not happy with that I went to see management, explained how id prepared a report for the owners history folder etc not a fair situation etc and that i wasnt happy with it.
Some calming words were utteerd by the man upstairs and he asked (not demanded mind you) if he could take a copy of my photos. Me being me I agreed.
Next day, what did I find? My report on turveys table to give him a head start using my frigging efforts! I was very peeved by now and took that copy, before leaving the place in protest.
I also put in a grievance and had it dismissed, basically the not pampered or favoured turvey ( oh no honest!) isnt being treated differently because they say sending him to a brewery in company time, and off to the octane awards and goodwood and photo ops here and there whilst the rest of the staff sweat and toil is equal treatment eh?

Safe to say ive had no real success with this bullshit situation and handed in my notice.

Because im more reasonable at my age than i used to be I gave them 5 weeks grace to find a replacement, instead of the one week I was obliged to....not that its really been appreciated.

So a quick backwards step, the noisy knocking engine, it was my fault remember?
Then it was the dyno operators fault, then it was a colleagues fault, then it was the spark plugs being loose " yeah 90% of the noise is the plugs chuffing" he said....oh do bollocks off!
Whys he spend the best part of a week changing 12 tappets and two cams then?
And then runs it on the same contaminated oil and at idle instead of 2500 rpm for around 20 mins....durrrr consult the cam maker pal!
Thatll be buggered again then turvs.
I found out he'd been bad mouthing me regarding the v12 heads also, im apparently " a load of shit" because its knocking cos i mixed the parts up..... Funny, Theyre new parts and you built the heads up....and the oil seal you installed still pisses out...dipstick.

Fear not, my rant is nearly at an end!
The reason I could make no traction is simple, turvey is a brownoser favourite of the companys previous millionaire owner and so its no surprise I couldnt get aywhere and management cant touch him so they keep him sweet instead, despite another of his creations "falling apart on the dyno" just in the last month.....

So if by any chance you own an etype or other jaguar and need an engine building please do yourself a favour and dont let that idiot play with it.

Ill post a video of the great mans engine soon along with some critical photos of his excellent work, just to be nice to him.

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Default Great write up

Well done for calling him out, there are too many dickheads like him in the industry getting away with it for years.
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Seems like a great shout moving on

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Sounds like you’ve got far too much experience knowledge & expertise for that place & knob jockey obviously felt totally threatened & has well and truly seen his arse, nice one

-b2-80 Sport
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The engine meister!
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I can say quite honestly that its the best place ive ever worked at, in terms of facilities its up there for sure, not the pinnacle but very good.
The working environments a good one and I cant complain about it but what lets it down is thew way its run, like a retarded clowns got the controls really.
One aspect I really dislike about it is the way the place is portrayed by the management, its all gloss and attempts to make it out to be better than it really is, using names and events to boost its perceived excellence, thats not intended to belittle whats achieved there btw, but the cars that go out of that place have sweet f/a to do with them upstairs, its all the guys on the shop floor and their skills that make them what they are....which is weird as theyve got a huge staff turnover and theyre quite happy to allow skilled, effective workers to just leave and not address the reasons for it. Its schizophrenic really.

Heres a video of the engine he built, it cost £25k apparently and this is how it sounded after 150 miles, I wonder what the customer would say?

Spark plugs chuffing....indeed.

Some photos of the cams. The journals are picking up all over on every journal.


Now, remember, this engine cost 25 grand and countless hours of careful (ho ho) preparation by an "expert" a Lemans winning expert....(double ho ho) and yet the following photo shows quite clearly the lack of care he applies when prepping parts- notice the huge burr on the camshaft oil discharge port there?
That shows he hasnt really been doing the job properly as deburring parts is standard practice to prevent material breaking off and causing damage.



I have another photo showing our hero doing a promotional "look at me!" type bit of posing.
Now, its fully realised the shot may be set up for the purposes of illustrating him "doing something" but what hes supposed to be actually doing is measuring crank end float ( forward/backwards movement in the block).
The photo show him doing it wrong, introducing a side thrust into the measurement because hes got the dti probe on the angled web of the crank. Dipstick.
What that says to me is this, You, yes you customers and potential customers are thick because you dont know anything about it so I can get away with taking you for fools.

Ill post a link to that later....

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Quite unbelievable. You are certainly better off out of there and they will be the poorer for it
I am firm believer that quality work speaks for itself and a company that has to self-promote to that extent and make things glossy for the sake of appearances, i.e. hoodwinking its customers can finance do one for all I care.

You have my respect for what you have done and how you went about it, your own moral standards and work practices are far more important than any job.

Good luck to you in your own ventures - I'm sure many here will wish you the same.

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Colin Aitchison
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4v6, In my youth I would have be rolling round on the ground with the gent (aka dickhead, 10 pounds of shit in a 2 pound bag, king dick) long before now, you are best out of their for your own well being, anyway nice soap box rant, best I have seen for a while.
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Originally Posted by urquattr085 View Post
Good luck to you in your own ventures - I'm sure many here will wish you the same.
Yes indeed; create something in your own vision, maybe the UK's answer to Custom Craft Auto?

Goodness knows we could use someone capable & dedicated to the Ingolstadt classics.
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The engine meister!
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Thank you all gents, your opinions and suggestions are all very much appreciated indeed!

@ Colin: It has to be said that on one or two occasions he came so very close to receiving some tlc, only I know for a fact hes the kind of nob who wouldnt let it lie there, hed have to call in the plods because he has no spine and loves to play the victim card while sniggering up his sleeve so its just a well I didnt lose control and splatter him up the wall.

On a positive note im going to rebuild the flow bench from scratch as I sold the electronics from the old one, in order to do some in depth flow test work on the heads for these old etypes, and ive also got a few other ideas for them which would improve them no end, its a testament to the "little" mans lack of vision and all round brilliance at being crap that after 20 years of bodging he still has no ideas of his own.

Im also going to start back up working on engine builds and heads ( had no time before) and theres already a few jobs to do, and since the build of a rather fine "shed" should allow me some better space to rebuild them, (bigger and cleaner than their engine room btw ) things might work out after all.
I do feel saddened at leaving behind the guys who I got to know and respect though not forgetting Derek, the works cat who followed me around like a shadow and asking for milk, and Mike, theres no doubt itll probably play heavily for a while but that cant be helped now, swimming against the current isnt worth the effort.

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Call me crazy, but I firmly believe that sometimes fate has a strange way of trying to point us in a particular direction....
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