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What's the latest John Clayton?
Have you found the cause of the problem? Is it fixed?
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John Clayton
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Originally Posted by leggy View Post
Same as John Clayton, mine would jump start no problem, well, up until the day I broke down anyway. As Groundhog states, you do need a good battery to be able to turn the older cars over.

FWIW, back then my boy was eating batteries, at a rate of one/year, all cheap makes, and with the coil pack fault to boot, well, it's hardly surprising that the battery didn't have enough oompf left to start my boy on the day I broke down, it/they barely had the oompf to start my car.
(NOTE: I have since invested in a decent battery! )
It had a new battery last year and if it was a poor battery, I think the problem would occur consistently (rather than erratically).

Angus went through the diagnostic process but no fault codes came up. Maybe we will have to just drive it until the problem reoccurs and then immediately go through the diagnostics again?
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Mine does this, sometimes. Is it a problem with the electronics or injection not always working properly if the voltage is slightly down during cranking of the engine?
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Starting from warm is still very difficult:
It turns over for longer than normal & fires up on one cylinder for a while, then two, then more but rather roughly for a while.

It seems to be running rich.

I described the symptoms to a Quattro expert and he said that it could need either of the following parts to cure it:

1. Warm up regulator -bimetallic strip 300+VAT exchange (they rebuild your own Regulator, but it takes 5 wks to do). N.B. It is not normally possible to rebuild it yourself as it needs to be set up to the correct tolerances etc.


The recommended course of action we were given is:
a) use the car daily until the problem appears. As soon as the problem arises then check if engine has a spark at the coil, fuel etc.
b) change the Regulator first and see if it cures the problem
c) if not then change the timeswitch.

However, my mate drove the car and reckons that although it is boosting up to the right sort of pressure (I think it is going up to 1.8 bar), it is not pulling as hard as you would expect, so something may not be 100% within the engine's current set up at all times (not just on start up)
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similar problem here:

2.2 Turbo starting problems
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