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Default Oil type 1.9 tdi 90hp


I'm about to change oil and filter on my 80 1.9tdi 90hp. Car has 185.000 miles on clock. What type of oil would you advise? 10W40, minera orl synthetic? How much oil goes into car if you also change filter? Thanks for the advise!
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5w40 synthetic, expect to use around 4 litres.
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I put 10/40 semi in mine.........was what was listed at motor factors.
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My Skoda Octavia last company cars which had basically the same engine was fed on Castrol Magnatec which I think is semi-synthetic. 185,000 miles later, all is still well although I have just had to clean the EGR valve on the current one.
Use the best quality oil you can afford - penny-pinching just is not worth it.
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