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If you have not already done so you really should replace that filter with a new one, its there for a reason and you would not want all that crud in the fuel distributor head in the future. I'm sure you know it's done a good job over time saving the distributor and also saved a lot of work.
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Further update - I have now managed to get the engine running quite sweetly - a combination of a number of air leaks and vacuum problems.
I think the servo was not holding vacuum - and there was a marked improvement disconnecting that . Then went carefully through all the small vacuum pipes / tubes replacing most in plastic - some of the old rubber pipes appeared to have collapsed internally so that was a further improvement . Now starts and idles gruffly at 900 rpm !
Lots still to do - brakes - servo - new tyres - power steering non existent - rather rusty looking wishbones etc.
I am about to post in electrics - despite a lot of work can't get the temperature gauge to read ....... Driving me bonkers with time spent !
But at least I can move the car around now...............
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