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Originally Posted by massier1993 View Post
This is the plan if possible, take my 2.2 10v and add a turbo, I'm sure it's been done, really don't want to 20V for some reason I don't know, maybe I'm after a challenge lol

However if N/A be good fun to aim for 170/180HP
Hi massier1993, You have had a number of reply's from very knowledgeable members on this forum and over all they are trying to push you away from the 10v engine upgrade weather N/A or Turbo, I have a B2 Audi coupe Gt front wheel drive, it came with a 10v KV engine and sounded good, I did a year hill climbing with it and wanted more power, my move was to the 2.3 7A 20v, the actual conversion is very easy, 500 and I had an engine and every thing to make it run, gearbox, flywheel and clutch was a problem but in the end was an easy fix, as for living with the engine, starting, running and mpg are much better and more power and with a cone air filter, well you know when I'm coming past you, I also own a 1984 10v WR Ur quattro, my ownership of the car is in its 26th year and with my knowledge of the 10v turbo charged engine I would also be pushing you away from that type of conversion for your 10v engine, I also own an 1991 Audi S2 3b 20v 220bhp out the box with a home fries chip fitted, so 270 / 280 bhp and it is a rocket ship for a car from the early 90's, as for you quest for 350bhp well thats a big leap from you KV at 136bhp, don't think we are all sticks in the mud, we are trying to save you money, time and effort, find your self a well priced 20v turbo engine, gearbox, diff and all the bits you need to make it run in standard format (220-230) and see how you get on, you will need to upgrade wheels, tires, brakes and all suspension, hope this reply hasn't put you off but you know the saying "been there done that" as many others on this forum have done before.
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