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Hi micky I still here from time to time
That old banger of a ford looks very good
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Hi Micky!, Mexico is spot on, just the sort of quality i would expect of you.

Only time i was head to head with a Mexico was 1979, Vicars Cross, Chester, northbound out of the city, roundabout over the M53.

Notorious spot for left turners rocking up, putting a short spurt on (its about 500 metres to the next roundabout) and then going forward instead. Still is to this day, except everything is a feck load faster.

Mexico on left, we both went for it, cos I knew what he was about, think i stole half a second off him cos of that, but did leave him dead. Think i was helped by my oval bores on my C1 1978CC pumping out blue smoke, when I looked in my mirror, Chester was gone, so was the Mexico, lost in the haze.

Wouldn't do it today but at age 20 with a then, powerful, little known Audi against a burbling well known Mexico, the temptation was too much.

Cars of their time, worth keeping and treasuring, yours is a beauty, well done my friend, I hope we meet someday, we almost did over that red Cavalier. I think I missed you by 10 minutes on that day. Keep posting!!!
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What a fab looking Mexico. Must be hard work keeping it mint like that
1985 Audi 90 quattro 20v turbo with some tweaks
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