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VDT, I can also agree with most all of what youve stated as it also grinds my gears to hear certain remainer talking heads spouting on about a "peoples vote" in a cynical attempt to simply overturn the result they didnt want.
We have already had that vote, the remain train left the station back in 2016 so theres no logical reason to have another vote before this ones been implemented especially with "remain" as an option, its simply loser envy at play but they wont admit it!

Ive already stated what I think will be the outcome should remainer MPs and the media game a No Brexit situation, but its not going to be pretty.
If your vote means nothing, and thats precisely what these remainers are saying in a roundabout fashion, then whats the reason for ever voting again?
Theres no point to it if you cant trust the word of the government that gave you the choice who then go against the result just because they want different.
It leaves us out here in the real world no alternative- representation cant be trusted anylonger as your supposed representative does what they want against the majority- what have you left to do to have yourself heard? Riot, civil disobedience, urban warfare to get what you want.

I really do not think these morons trying to overturn the vote have any comprehension of the shitstorm they may unleash should they be succesful.

Something else ive noticed from the media in all this.
Sky and the bbc regularly now broadcast from the green across from parliament.
And in most every broadcast theyre positioning the so called news readers so that the euro flags of remainers are prominently displayed on screen.
Both off to the side and right down the middle of any commentators they have on.
Its a clumsy attempt at subliminal advertising Im sure.
You hardly ever see any pro brexy babbers being shown its all negative, all the time.
Just as with the supposed apocalptic scenarios being promoted should the uk leave without a negotiated deal, or in MSM speak "crashing out" ( more emotive codswallop).

Its all going to go bad real fast I fear.
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