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Default Audi B4 Cabriolet rear speakers


I removed the rear panels this weekend to install a remote receiver for the central locking pump.
Now the speakers are also free.
Do you guys think it's a good time to replace them with better aftermarket speakers?
What speakers would do great in this car?
Are the OEM speakers of good quality and best option for the car?
I only drove the car for 1 hour after I bought it, and now I'm taking it all apart to do work on engine and interior, so I'm not able to test the sound inside the car while driving and see how it sounds now...
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Hi.This is a good time to upgrade the speakers.

The standard ones are not very good.

I've used Pioneers in the past on one car & Sony XPlod speakers in another.
Too many cars!!
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Certainly replace. Good ones are cheap enough - I used Phillips in my 90 20v many years ago and are still "fart-free".
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Well, depends on taste and ears. I used to have this "OEMophobia", until I stepped on this rake heavy enough - I had premium OEM speakers in dash of my A90q [the ones with tweeters in] and I believing "everything is better than OEM", replaced them with some damn sony xpload's I got together with some dashboard - sound was so terrible that I instantly put previous speakers back. But then again - if you will told to car audio guys that OEM speakers can be good, they will laugh about that - obviously, they will laugh about sony speakers as well

With my current runabout, mk2 golf, I came into situation where I for first time needed to buy a new speakers [with B3 audis or mk3 golfs, useful junkyard stuff was easily obtainable], due to being last of VAG cars with small speakers, at first round I bought boschmann fronts and ground zero rears, when they failed, after, let's say, year use[listening christian radio station with OEM radio ] , switched stores and choose something offered by them as more decent, ended up with Hertz Dieci line speakers. Can't say anything good or bad about them - they work so far.
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