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Default "Under pressure, du du du dudu du du'

Good morning.

So, I've got my newly refurbed boleros all freshly shod and fitted in the car.
The thing is, I'm not sure whet the correct pressures should be front and rear.
It's an 80 b4 2.6 saloon. I've put 33psi in the fronts just to give me an idea but they seem rather flat looking?
As always any help would be greatly appreciated

Cheers Rich
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There's normally a pressure Vs load sticker inside the fuel filler cap door/lid, it will tell you how much to put in depending on how many people are in the car.
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I think I put 36 in the front when on my coupe?
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Fitting different sized wheels makes no difference Rich, so the recommended pressure is exactly the same as pre-bolero. 30 psi all round half load/ normal driving.

Any chance of some pictures?
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I think even the Boleros on our fe cabriolet are rated at 30psi normal load from the factory so as Carl says 30psi it is.
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