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Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
No Worries, Mark

One final point

Before you order from the Camskill website, Double check the load and speed index of the tyres is correct for your application. I can see one is Z and one is Y. The Y rated tyre has a load rating of 92. The Z rated tyre does not state a load rating. So I would check that both have a high enough rating for your requirements.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend
Will do James, i'm doing some research, i still have a way to go i think ready for the time when it comes. Thanks and same to you too.
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Found this site which I think is very useful especially for those with older sizes and after best tyres from what is available

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Well - I am pleased to report that my Toyo's arrived yesterday from Demon Tweeks. They look so small against my 20" A6 wheels!
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Just wondered if you bought the Toyo's and how they were? Ordered the same as alternatives were expensive Pirelli's or Nankang's which everyone says not to touch.
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