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I am watching the debate with interest. My UR is in for MOT, last year the advisory was cracked walls in the hard sought after original tyres, from the the previous owner.

I'm prepping myself up for some bad news this week.

Demon tweeks have these,

but I am truely not an expert and watch this tread thread closely. I would like to keep the UR standard ( it still has single pot calipers!) although the shocks are stiffer than originals.

Practicality must be the order of the day, so maybe 225 will do the job as it only ever carries me and I like to think I weigh less than a family of four. My wife would say otherwise I am sure....
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The challenge with quattros is their behaviour as/if they break traction, especially in the wet. The German Ur owners regulary ran at speed on the autobahns with the centre diff locked in the wet to help negate the effect of standing water and aquaplaning. Under load the car shares the power/torque equally however the fronts 'find' the standing water first, whilst the rears run in the cleared tarmac channel of the fronts. On most cars of a front or rear wheel drive set up this behaviour would be instantly noticeable through the steering, however with a quattro this is somewhat masked by its four wheel drive. The wider the tyre, the greater the masking before grip loss is recognised and the more severe the loss of grip. It's really hard to explain scientifically, but the 'stiletto' effect is probably the best description, as a smaller footprint exerts greater downward force.

All this aside, my other issue is with the overall age (in design and compound) and quality of Ur sized tyres now. Recenty I put a new set of Hankook Evo's (V12's) on the S2 and they knock the old Toyo T1R's for six, tyre technology has moved on so far in the last few years... Finding any 'modern' tyre design & compound for a Ur is challenge enough, to compromise that for originality or style is a question every Ur owner has to answer sooner or later.
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I switched to 205/50 Bridgestone RE002 Potenza Adrenalin last year and I have been very impressed with them. They have a very stiff side wall which is why I opted for them over continentals. On the car you would never guess that they are 205 instead of 215 (message Darron for his opinion he had proper look at them at the German Classic Car Show last year). Oh and the real bonus about 60 a corner
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Simmo is I'm afraid bang on the money , you can find 225s that are not overly fat and get away with it but a nice 205 would make the car feel a bit more agile and I'd go that way
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