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Colin Aitchison
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Ironjaw, found the thermostat housing, due to it being painted black at some point in its life the alloy is not corroded or pitted.

Gave it a wee 2 minuet clean in sandblasting cabinet, part number 034 121 121 is now visible,
as expected part is now NLA.

PM sent.
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Would this be the coil you need:

Genuine from Audi Tradition:
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Thanks Colin!!! Iíll reply to your PM soon, it looks amazingly well preserved. Iíll probably paint it properly again to preserve it longer. Or polish it, only joking.

That is the coil Iím after, Iíve found the same one much cheaper on eBay though, as itís in the uk I may get that one.

I also found this on eBay, will it fit our 2.0 motor?
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Originally Posted by IronJaw View Post
I'm surprised at how little support there is for parts for these Audi's considering their cult status. I can go on a few different sites and get all the parts for my Triumph in minutes, but finding a part number for a set of HT Leads is a task for a B2 Coupe.
You could try this lot for ignition leads:

They are a bit expensive but they will make things to pattern if required. They made a set for my Volvo Amazon rally car and were delivered within 3 days. Their advice also led me to discover why it was that my distributor pointed a different direction than the manual pictures at TDC.......
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Thanks for the tip SwallowAmazon, but I've just finished up ordering a load of bits for it. I'm going to email Quattrocorner to see if they have a Bosch Dizzy cap. I'd prefer a Bosch one ideally to keep it OEM, but they seem to be hard to find. I've got the part number 0290 004 035 off the one currently on the car, and I've found a Bosch rotor arm but the cap seems to be elusive.

I'm looking forward to doing the full hit on the car, it's going to do her the world of good.
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