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Default Ur quattro clutch

Im at the start of putting my 1982 wr quattro back together. At the moment im at the searching and pricing up parts stage, i know i need a clutch ( it was slipping before it came off the road, ) and was stuggling to find any of the bigger parts supplier that still stocks them. Ive spoken to pete at quattro corner and he tells me he has 2 left after that he cant get them. So my question is what are people using or going to use if an original one is unobtainable?
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Newsh was looking for one last week and ended up getting one from Autodoc in Germany. I suggest you buy one from Pete if he still has them as I have experienced very poor after sales from Autodoc.
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Ive had a few bits from them no problem at all, they were listing just the plate but thats gone out of stock too now. I was thinking about biting the bullet and getting one from Pete but im probably 12/18 months from needing it and a 360 clutch in a box seems a bit of a luxury? Guess i may have to have a rethink?
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If it's just the plate you need, you can probably get one re-lined.

There was a company close to me who quoted around 80 to re-line the friction plate. There will likely be a similar outfit close to you who can quote.
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