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Default B4 steering rack noise

Hi guys,

My b4 started doing this the other day, when the steering wheel is at rest there is a hydraulic wooshing kind of noise from the steering rack, if I put any slight weight on the wheel to turn it the noise stops. It's only there when in the "relaxed" position if that makes sense.

The steering fluid is pretty dark (assuming it should be red) so probably due a change. What do I use?

Is it likely to be a rack problem if new fluid doesn't fix it? The steering works perfectly otherwise 👍


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A change of fluid certainly wont do any harm. Does your reservoir not have 'use only mineral hydraulic fluid 002000' on it? And it should be green.

Or cheaper equivalent

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Yep, as per the previous and recent thread on just this topic, drain out all of the old stuff completely and replace it with new, whichever you go for. My pump is certainly a lot happier as a result. Good place to start as Carl says (and cheapest...)
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This happened from new with a Vauxhall I once had as a company car.

It turned out that the thing had been assembled by a chimp in the German factory front wheels and the steering wheel were not centralised when the rack was. The idiot Vauxhall Stealer in Hornchurch couldn't figure it out so I did it myself by taking the steering wheel off, centralisng the rack and the steering by dismantling the track rod ends and putting them back on with the wheels in the straight ahead position. Finally the steering wheel went back on and alles wast gut after a final tracking check.
The service manager (NOT) at the Hornchurch stealer just looked at me blankly as though I had just emerged from a hole in the ground when I explained the problem and my cure.

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Perfect thanks guys will do the fluid change first

I will check again at what is in the reservoir but it definitely ain't green!
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