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Default cookies and other intrusive crap

It seems to me that the rules governing what 'people' are allowed to get away with keep changing, somewhat in favour of the folk who want to intrude.

I'm constantly being bugged for permissions on cookies, and generally I decline anything except a very few items. And yet, there seems to be a shed load of bloody rubbish that I cannot get rid of, no matter how hard I try.

I delete them mostly, and yet they seem to return without my noticing. Some cookies simply won't delete. Like The

It won't feck off!

Many others do the same, yet to my knowledge have never been accepted by me.

When I do wish to accept cookies as they are essential, so they tell us, I find that it's an enormous task filtering some of the tracking shite out.
I'm slowly moving towards complete disconnection from the internet as a result
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duckduckgo might be worth a look if you don't want to be tracked
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I use adblock plus, ghostery, webtrc disabler.
I think you can disable flash cookies that are persistent in the config settings in your browser.
All this stuff is part of the reason I dont post as often as I used to.
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