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Originally Posted by classicracecar View Post
Would indeed be interesting to know how many VAG press cars there were originally.

The Quattro I have, 'BRP 223X' was actually one of original Audi Quattro press cars, which then got converted to rally specification by David Sutton Motorsport / Audi Sport UK in 1982. Before turning into a rally car it was featured in a number of VAG Press materials and CAR Magazine did a good article on the car in Apr 1982 where they followed the Monte Carlo Rally in it...

VAG Press photo of BRP 223X attached.
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Thanks KenQuattro - should have joined this forum years ago!

A few more photos of BRP 223X from when it followed the Monte Carlo Rally in 1982 for an article in CAR Magazine... It was not long after the photo shoot that the car went to David Sutton Motorsport and got converted to a rally car.

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