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Default Temp gauge wiring issues

Hi, Iím the happy owner of AUDI 2.2e coupe. Unfortunately I recently suffered a head gasket failure and as such had the head sent away for a good clean up and skim. Having re-assembled the car she now runs sweet however have no temp gauge on the dash. Iíve checked the sensor using multimeter and it performs as prescribed it only has a two pin connector on top so nothing complicated there. There is a third wire, a brown one which is in the same group off the loom thatís currently is unconnected to anything. I simply canít remember when taking it all apart if is ever was but it would seem a good place to start? So Iíd love to know what this is for and where to connect it and hear anyoneís suggestions as to my temp gauge problem. Furthermore I can manipulate the gauge into rising by earthing on of the connections at which point hot or cold the gauge simply travels to its limit which Iím assuming means the gauge itself in functional as well. So Iím short, any suggestions welcome and hopefully an easy fix! Many thanks in advance tom
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Completely Brown wires go to earth (chassis)?
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