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Originally Posted by steve briance View Post
Would it be possible for water to accumulate / condense in a silencer somewhere and it gradually turn to steam as described? It would keep reappearing until all gone. Maybe a hole somewhere h allowed water in and soaked the wadding? Just a guess though but if right it would clear up with lots of use
Yes I'm pretty sure that was the cause of my Audi's excess steam.

As said, after pressing the car into daily service it soon cleared up & was never an issue again.
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My URS6 gave off a huge amount of steam at first as it had been sat for a few years being started but not fully heated through, a good few hours of blasting about and enjoying the lovely boost soon sorted it and its runs nice and dry and smooth
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Yep my 2.8 quattro steamed for a while too. But this thread is called white smoke, not white steam, maybe that confused me?
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