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Seem to remember also using this tool years ago when searching for the less than obvious ebay listings,
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Originally Posted by andya View Post
Anyway that's my story - a dream come true - an Aladdin's cave of parts where someone says 'take what you want'
A scrapyard local to me closed down a few years back, and had a closing-down sale which me and a few mates went to on a quiet afternoon. We knew they dismantled cars (at their other yard) and we knew they sold damaged repairables, but we didn't know they had shed after shed of NOS stock that they'd bought from dealer closing sales, or motor factors, or all sorts of sources.

I didn't have a list of Audi bits, and in truth there weren't that many, certainly nothing that jumped out at me. But I did find quite a haul of stuff that fits my Vauxhalls, including

Inner wheel bearings (unique to this and one other Vauxhall model)
Genuine accessory door mirrors
A new cylinder head
Water pumps
A new clutch pedal (like on TTs, they always break or deform)
A new drivers door skin
and a load of other stuff, bits and pieces, weird trim clips and things.

Prices were good from the start, but were quite a bit lower by the last weekend. I spent a Sunday afternoon digging through crates of dealer bits and came away with a boot full (not as much as you might think, the boot in question is a TT Roadster) of various GM parts for not much money at all.
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Originally Posted by andya View Post
Brand new Audi NLA 100 mat set:
I don't suppose you still have these and if you do, what colour? I've been after a set for years for my old bus but I just can't get my hands on even a tatty second hand set.

Nice story though Andy and very nice find! That's like the dream come true isn't it! The gas thing is, there a people like that hidden away all over the country, people who are proper hoarders and DON'T sell any of what they have. I have heard of one or two individuals like this, and indeed have had my own experience of one guy I went to buy a steering wheel from. At his house he led me through a veritable Aladins Cave (his garage) of nothing but classic Audi parts, we then went for a spin to his 'garage' (a warehouse in the countryside) where he had stored several B3 coupes, several B3 cabs, two 200 quattros (saloon and avant), 2 100's, a D3 A8 which was to be his daily, an S4 and a few others I can't remember outright. I was walking around with my mouth open! Asked his does he sell any? Oh no, he collects them, same with the parts, cos you never know when you'd need them. Now, with a collection that big you'd say, fair enough, but when does a collection become too many Audi's? This guy used to work for Audi he told me, so every time someone traded an old one for a new one he bought it for buttons and took it home. But my thing is, what good is having all these Audi's locked away in a warehouse when you don't get the pleasure of ever driving them? Seems an awful waste to me. But thats just me.

You mentioned you drove from the M25 up the M1, where are you based then? I'm on the southern stretch of the M25.
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