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Merry Christmas
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I got Dangermouse Socks and a beanie hat!

Ill let you know if the standard of my cooking is effected by such purchases later!

Merry Christmas folk.
1985 WR quattro, 1985 20vT RallyRep, 1993 MTM ABY S2 Avant.
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A very Happy Christmas to all on CA, and a pair of broken legs and a spike in the neck to the thieves running around at 1.20 am this morning stealing peoples xmas decorations. Low.

Your reg numbers already being circulated.

RK60 WEP silver mercedes, 5 up.

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Wow, i managed to get on here, HAPPY CHRISTMAS on the day itself

I'm absolutely stuffed full of Christmas dinner still from 1pm, don't think i will need to eat till 5th week of next year.

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