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Originally Posted by Audiden View Post
For balance...

I have a 1992 Alfa Romeo garage queen that still has three of it's original Goodyears.

They still look perfect & don't lose air.

For regular driving I would of course change these
Now thats good going
-1987 90 2.2E / Sapphire Blue (Rest in Pieces)
-1989 90 quattro with Sport Equipment / Satin Black
-1997 A4 Avant quattro TDI 110 / Tropical Green (Sold)
-2012 A1 Sport TFSI / Glacier White (Sold)
-2017 A1 Sportback S-line TFSI / Scuba Blue
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I'm not advocating anything here but as a point of interest, aircraft tyres with sidewalls that are weather-checked can continue in service as long as the cords aren't exposed.
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I've got Continentals and Bridgestones with cracking.
Those stored in a dark shed have fared no better.
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