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Default keep thrash scrap

ok so its like that marry shag kill....

Money no object.

Mine would be ummm now to come to think about it....

Keep Range Rover, proper big car looking down on the hoi-polloi below.

thrash Lamborghini Miura best looking car in the world IMO

Scarp anything made by Kia loathsome piles of poo
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Jake Blight
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Keep: Porsche 356A Coupe - Nimble and fast enough to be fun and reliable.

Thrash: BMW E30 M3 Coupe - Did (still does) do everything as well as a modern day car.

Trash: Electric cars of any kind (at the moment). A Greenpeace-backed report by CE Delft suggests that the proliferation of electric vehicles will likely lead to more electricity production from coal, gas and nuclear plants without necessarily reducing oil demand for conventional cars. Which merely switches the greenhouse gasses environmental problem from the streets to the power stations.
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4 ring whore!
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Thrash then trash everything
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