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Default ABS Noise - RR Engine

Another ABS fault. This time when driving there is a hissing/whooshing noise coming from the ABS pump area. When braking, the car squirms and you can feel the ABS through the brake pedal. Sometimes when you come to a stop you hear a 'boing' type noise.

Previously the ABS light came on after 25mph or thereabouts. I've cleaned all the sensors and the teeth and the abs light has gone away. Car drives fine without the strange noise and brakes normal when ABS is switched off.
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In my experience problems at low speeds (less than 10mph) when you can sometimes just feel the ABS kicking in for a split second are usually associated with bad reads from a sensor/sensors possibly caused by dirty rings or incorrect air gap between sensor and ABS ring.

Typically they occur on damp surfaces or when the wheels are not quite in the straight ahead position.

Just about every Audi I've owned over the past 30 years has suffered in this way at some point in its life. Cleaning sensors and ABS rings and making sure the sensor to ring air gap is correct usually fixes it for me.

Might not be your problem but worth a check
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I had all those things on a B4 coupe, one of the rings had moved out of place slightly and when back in place it all stopped.

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