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Colin Aitchison
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Originally Posted by 4v6 View Post

On a positive note im going to rebuild the flow bench from scratch as I sold the electronics from the old one, in order to do some in depth flow test work on the heads for these old etypes, and ive also got a few other ideas for them which would improve them no end, its a testament to the "little" mans lack of vision and all round brilliance at being crap that after 20 years of bodging he still has no ideas of his own.

Im also going to start back up working on engine builds and heads ( had no time before) and theres already a few jobs to do, and since the build of a rather fine "shed" should allow me some better space to rebuild them, (bigger and cleaner than the cmc engine room btw ) things might work out after all.
Sounds like a plan, new shed and DIY flow bench, keep us informed.
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Originally Posted by Ringmaster View Post
Call me crazy, but I firmly believe that sometimes fate has a strange way of trying to point us in a particular direction....
I'll second that, been in a similar position with work and it sounds like us classic Audi enthusiasts will benefit from your decision. Now if you can find a supply of 92.8mm 5 cyl cranks you'll be very busy I'm sure

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I've seen the journals of seized engine in better condition

Does he still have a job!
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Ha! Yup hes made of teflon.

If id made as many bollox up as he does id have had the bubble long ago and deservedly so, but go figure, too many people with too much money being blinded by the glamour boy, wont have a word said against him, a kind of collective denia lI reckon. Cest la vie.
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