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Is that your tutorial? If it is, then first, change the title to "B3/B4 heater matrix replacement" and second, the work done there was more difficult than needed - there is no need to detach both halves of heater in situ - it just makes work harder - although if that could be possible, that might be a solution to avoid degassing air con - and there's no need to disconnect control cables.

I, personally, because of my knowledge about wiring looms of my car, remove whole dashboard with wiring harness, centre console and instrument cluster still in place.

And, by the way, about the complaints about the way how the heater is installed in B series cars at the beginning of that tutorial - well, it is easier to change the matrix in C series cars, however, everything else that could be needed to be done under the dashboard in C series cars is real PITA, so design of B series cars is better overall.
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