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Originally Posted by billy_bunter View Post
You may well know all this already but if you do not.....

If I remember correctly the standard solid disk caliper will not fit over a vented disk.

I found it very hard to source original Audi stuff when I looked into this a few years back.

Another route is to source Golf GTI MK1 (or an early golf MK2 parts?). There are some conversations on Golf MK1/2forums on uprating to the later 239x20 discs. If I remember correctly the magic number is 75mm. This is the distance between the caliper mounting bolts which will go over a later vented caliper. The non vented carrier bolt distance is 55mm IIRC.

If you already have the larger caliper all you should need is a carrier. However its not easy to find second hand Golf or Audi carriers. Though the Golf Cabriolet route may be easier as they made them into the 90's

Hope that all made sense. I am not sure its 100% accurate so please double check and research.
Your remarks are absolutely right my friend!
The 239x20 set up equipped only the Audi 80 b2 1.8 and Audi coupe b2 1.8 and these cars were rare in Greece due to high taxation. So I have to follow your tip about the MK1 Golf Gti and MK2. Thank you very much!
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