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Originally Posted by billy_bunter View Post
Another route is to source Golf GTI MK1 (or an early golf MK2 parts?). There are some conversations on Golf MK1/2forums on uprating to the later 239x20 discs. If I remember correctly the magic number is 75mm. This is the distance between the caliper mounting bolts which will go over a later vented caliper. The non vented carrier bolt distance is 55mm IIRC.
I have no idea about very early mk2's, but generally mk2's and early mk3, when they had brakes with disc size 239 mm, had strange construction - wheel bearing carrier which had two functions, and second one is brake caliper carrier, so the only removable item is caliper itself.

In any case I personally would look at getting A90 running gear and brakes - although in greece they might be hard to get...
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