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Originally Posted by Davids View Post
Good old favs the first 2, espc the 2nd track by Raw Silk.

And god dammmm, haven't heard the Cool Notes since I cant remember, well done the man, the Never Too Young track is making me goosie, remembering stuff and places, as we discussed many times

I feel however these will be wasted on Old Knobwart, however you never know,

If this doesn't send a shiver up his spine, then he is dead from the gonads up, I expect

This one I used to hold my little girl when she was 1 year old and we would dance around the room, I'm not sure she would appreciate me telling her this however she is a few miles away in Australia, got to slide them feet around the floor

Touch of garage remix,

Yep, mostly wasted

Don't mind Jamiroquai though

Did you funk about too much for your daughter ?
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